About Us

Nexxt Productions, Inc. (NPI) was created by Gregory Henley to use the visual medium to tell stories with a business entertainment focus.  Greg’s background includes leadership positions in business and academia and he has a passion for sports.  As a result, many of NPI’s original programming concepts are based on his point of view as a storyteller, that has been heavily influenced by studying the people behind the business to understand their motivations, personalities, and activities.  His stories are crafted to inspire, motivate, teach, and keep people watching.   A major focus, therefore, are stories of motivated and inspiring leaders in business, entrepreneurship and sports.  Often, the three areas intersect as in the case of our story about the team owners who built professional football, and who are consummate entrepreneurs.


NPI started out with a desire to produce original broadcast-quality programming.  However, we expanded to developing interesting client initiated work that includes developing the story of an ‘old school’ musician who worked with many of the great musicians including Michael Jackson, video story-telling to promote organizations and their activities, and basic event-driven video work for individuals (such as keynote addresses) and organizations (such as comedy shows). 

We are a collection of creative visual story tellers, whether developing our own shows or finding ways to tell our clients’ stories.  

At the core of our passion for visual images is photography.  Greg’s Dad used to tell him about developing film in his darkroom and Greg’s first camera was a film camera that his Dad got him.  After his longtime collaborator, Ishmael Holmes, picked up a camera for the first time, it was as if he realized what he was meant to do.  Ever since then, Ish and a camera have been inseparable and he is truly a master at his craft.

In addition to video projects, the NPI team has also been engaged for a wide range of photo shoots.  

Simply, we love the visual image and are a collection of professionals with skills and experience in various segments of the visual arts from photography to screenwriting to video.