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Nexxt Productions, Inc. was founded to focus on developing compelling business and entrepreneurship TV and Film content in two areas that frequently intersect.  One is entrepreneurship focused programming.  Entrepreneurship programming has surged as evidenced by CNBC devoting its prime time to such programming.  Importantly, networks are realizing that the audience for compelling business stories is much larger than those who are aspiring entrepreneurs. 

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Our show ‘UnSung Heroes – The American Entrepreneur’ tells stories of vision, courage, risk-taking, and leadership of diverse entrepreneurs.  In many ways, entrepreneurship represents the American Story of taking risks, hard work, resilience and success.

Short Description: We go on the road to tell the American Story through the eyes of innovative and rags-to-riches entrepreneurs who bust entrepreneurship myths to stimulate the “What if…?” and “I can do it” in all of us. ‘Unsung’ is a hosted travel film focused on multicultural (i. e., all ethnicities, not only minorities) entrepreneurs. It resides at the intersection of the familiar shows ‘Anthony Bourdain’s: Parts Unknown’ and Dr. Henry Louis Gates’ ‘Finding Your Roots’ as well as his documentaries.  Their shows are shot documentary style.  ‘Unsung’ shares similarities with the storytelling, conversational approach and human interest of Bourdain and Gates, but with a business topic.

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Our work has given us the opportunity to not only meet some very cool entrepreneurs, but also leaders such as Ambassador Andrew Young who discusses an Atlanta entrepreneur, par excellence and what is missing in Atlanta (above and to the right).

These and other clips of my interview with Ambassador Young can found in another tab.

Title: How We Built It: Pro Football

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Short Description: Sports are big business.  Professional football teams, for example, are worth more than $2 billion, annual TV contracts total over $6 billion, stadiums cost more than $1 billion and player salaries average over $2 million.  Yet, in the beginning, the sport struggled and many teams went out of business.  We use our proprietary database to tell each era of pro football's evolution from the perspective of its Influential and ambitious owners in our 6-episode historical doc-drama.  Using character-driven re-enactments through the eyes of 2 different owners in each of the first 5 episodes, our format is similar to the Emmy-winning ‘The Men Who Built America’.




Title: The Modern Sports Stadium

Short Description: The Stadium (and arena) provides a focal point of value for sports team owners.  Gone are the days when a city’s sports teams shared the same stadium.  We give a history of stadiums showing the forces that necessitated change and document the impact on the community, businesses, everyday citizens, and fans to provide a unique look at the stadium revolution.

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