Our Strategy

Our first step is to develop our own documentary movie to prove that we can produce compelling content.  Concurrently, we are working on content that can be shown in a series format (See ‘What We Are Doing below).

The second step is to continue to produce original content that others can distribute (i.e., to become a production company.  Thus, we will develop the core competence to originate programming that can be distributed over various outlets.

We also do not believe that the current revenue model for web-based shows is mature.  Nevertheless, rapid technological changes that are constantly reducing distribution costs and increasing revenue force us to keep abreast of current trends.  Our conclusion is that other distribution platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Vimeo and, even YouTube can also be attractive distributors for our content.

In sum, NPI will develop a production company that has the capability of producing engaging TV shows and movies similar to Bruckheimer Films, Imagine Entertainment and Tyler Perry Studios.  We will begin by developing one or more documentaries, expand to TV shows on existing networks and then create the network. Our reputation as expert content creators who deliver target audiences